We produce tools that aid commercial organizations, government agencies, and academics in better understanding their networks.

Extract semantic networks and social networks from text


Delve into network analysis, network visualization, and network forecasting.


Network analysis, social network analysis, ORA, NetMapper, and network visualization training.


Consulting services available for how to collect, analyze and/or visualize network data.

About us

Netanomics has been providing network analysis tools since 2007

Netanomics focuses on network science technologies leveraging the decades of experience that the company's founders have in the fields of social, knowledge, cognitive networks, communications, and sensor networks. Netanomics key offering is the CASOS tool suite including ORA and AutoMap software initially developed by the world renowned CASOS center at Carnegie Mellon University. Netanomics maintains and customizes these tools to meet the needs of diverse groups in medicine, government, corporate environments, and the military.