Products for Companies, Government Organizations, & Non-Profits:

ORA Pro is a tool for network analysis, network visualization, and network forecasting. This powerful software tool gives the user the ability to analyze Dynamic Meta-Networks and process extremely large data sets. ORA can process over a million nodes.

ORA-PRO 64-bit – 1 Software License                          $999.00 USD

>  64-bit Mac MacOS 10.4 or later or Windows 7/10/11 executable of Interactive ORA-PRO
>  Basic data input capabilities
>  Basic data analysis tools
>  Basic data reports
>  Basic data display capabilities
>  1 Year Support Agreement

Windows 64-Bit Version

Mac 64-Bit Version

Additional 1 Year Maintenance & Support Agreement                         $200 USD

If you are an academic or a student at a University please use the ORA-PRO for Academics page to purchase the software. Similarly, if you have attended one of our workshops, please purchase ORA instead from the ORA-PRO for Workshop Attendees  page.


If you are interested in becoming a distributor for ORA Pro please reach out to us through the contact page or email info@netanomics.com.