The Economist Mentioned ORA –Check it Out!

The Economist just ran an article about the new tools being used to detect where covert nuclear weapons are being developed and how these tools could help inspectors monitor Iran’s nuclear deal.

The article discusses the funding that poured into the development of software for the purpose of counter-terrorism that came about after September 11th after the terrorist attacks in 2001. The article goes further to list some of the software that began to be used for counter-terrorism effort, listing ORA among them.

Quoted bellow is a section of the article focusing on ORA:

“ORA, which was developed with Pentagon funds at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania. ORA has crunched data on more than 30,000 nuclear experts’ work and institutional affiliations, research collaborations and academic publications, says Kathleen Carley, who leads the ORA work at Carnegie Mellon”

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